Basic ST Instructor Certification Program 2022

€ 750 / month x 12

Join our 1-year Certification Program

What's included in this full year of high-quality coaching & education: 

1 January 2022: Access to the Programs

  • Basic ST Instructor Certification Program 2022 including live theory lectures, application and practicum calls, and anytime, anywhere online access.
  • All modules and sections in the ST Mastery Program unlocked with lifetime access.

1 January 2022: Access to a full-year of Scholars Benefits  

  • 1-year Scholars membership (value of €267 per month)
  • Upgrade to VINCI member status to receive extra privileges and live classes in 2022
  • Access to 12 Basic ST Instructor monthly cycles and live classes with Hot Seat, Breakthrough, Mastermind, and Touchstone coaching

Instant Access: Scholars Benefits in 2021

  • If you enroll now, you have the option to start immediately to prepare you and your horse for Grade 1 Touchstone graduation in the training pillars Groundwork, Longeing, Work in hand, and Liberty.
  • To do so, you'll get extra months in Scholars for free (normally €267 per month) - and it depends on the moment you sign up - so that's free membership in September, October, November and/or December 2021.
  • In those months, you have the opportunity to join the regular Scholar cycles and enjoy weekly coaching with an ST Academy Coach of your choice.

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  • Consumers and companies outside the EU are VAT exempt.
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  • I am so grateful I became an ST Instructor (and I was 60 yrs)! Yes... we help horses through the riders, by teaching the riders. But the most beautiful part is to help the rider through the horse: the horse shows me what the rider can do to help them even better, how the rider can become aware of their behavoir, the way they move, how they think, what they do and not do. We help re-balancing rider and horse: the smile on the face of the student and the relaxed, confident, balanced horse makes me smile, every session again!!